A Broken Water Heater Can Give You a Chilly Surprise

Set up your water heater repair in Washington, DC or Rockville, MD

There's almost nothing worse than taking a shower and suddenly feeling jets of cold water spraying all over you. The way to prevent this is to make sure your water heater is working properly. The dedicated team at Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air, LLC performs water heater repair for clients in Washington, DC and Rockville, MD.

When your water heater is working as it should, you'll get many years of use out of it. Ask about water heater maintenance for your tank in Washington, DC or Rockville, MD.

Water Heating installation Washington, DC

Is there sediment or rust in your water?

In addition to running out of hot water, other issues can occur if your water heater isn't working properly. Other signs you need a water heater repair include:

  • Irregular or wildly fluctuating water temperatures
  • Rust-colored water
  • Sediment in your water
  • Not enough in hot water
If you notice any of these issues, you should contact the experts at Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air right away. Our team can work on both residential and commercial tanks from any brand. We'll provide a fast and effective solution as soon as possible.

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