A home heating appliance is used to create warm air within the home, keeping the temperature pleasant throughout the colder fall and winter months. Gas furnaces use natural gas as an energy source to circulate heated air throughout the building.

Choosing the right furnace for your home or business can be difficult, but the experienced staff at Jimmy Gusky is here to help. With a history of dependable heating experience, we can help you decide on the right type of furnace, properly install or replace it, attend to any repairs, and provide exceptional regular furnace maintenance.


Thanks to advances in modern technology, we've been able to move beyond wood and coal furnaces to leverage more efficient heating devices. Today's furnaces usually come in two forms: gas and electric.

Both options use a blower fan to move heated air through ducts and vents, and into your home. However, a gas furnace uses an ignition to active gas-powered burners, which create heat in the combustion chamber. The heat goes through a heat exchanger, where it is blown around by fans and sent into your home's ducts.

An electric furnace instead has a series of electric coils that burn very hot when a current goes through. They then use blower fans similar to a gas furnace to distribute the heated air to the ducts.

While electric furnaces generally come in smaller sizes and cost less to install, gas furnace operation creates an overall lower cost, as gas is the cheaper energy source of the two. Gas furnaces are considered one of the most efficient types, with some models operating at a 95% efficiency rate. We recommend consulting with a professional before deciding what furnace is right for you and your home.

Gas furnace Installation and repair Washington, DC


As experts in all gas furnace services, the team at Jimmy Gusky Heating & Air, LLC can efficiently install, repair, and maintain a gas furnace in your home or business. Whether you're experiencing an issue like a loud furnace or improper distribution of heat throughout the home, or you need to install a new furnace to replace an old one, we're here with the knowledge and expertise required to get the job done.

Our reliable staff will seamlessly integrate your new gas furnace into your overall heating and air conditioning system to extend the life of the appliance and ensure it works properly with the other systems in your home.

To keep your home running properly, furnace maintenance is always recommended. Small problems often lead to larger issues that cost more to correct. Especially with gas furnaces, it's important to note any changes or problems with your furnace and contact a professional at the first sign of danger.

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